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The properties of sabal palm are most commonly used for prostate hypertrophy

One of the properties of vitamin E is its positive effect on male erection


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It is a unique composition of natural ingredients, which reached the highest levels of concentration.


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"My problems started innocently. At first I was just going to the toilet more often than before, but with time it got worse... there was this terrible pain... I did not know what to do ... Fortunately, my friend recommended XYLOMEN to me ..."



"Sex became a nightmare for me ... to the point that I had to give it up altogether. I was afraid that if this was going to continue, my wife would leave me. I decided to try Xylomen and today I enjoy sex twice a day!"



"My problems began with frequent visits to the toilet, then a huge pain appeared. That's when my wife bought me Xylomen. A month later I am in great shape and my prostate is just fine."



Opinion confirmed by a purchase

Harry Burton

Nothing was really happening in my bedroom for a long time, and it was my fault ... I was afraid that if this went on like this, my wife would leave me for another man. I decided to go to a specialist and he recommended XYLOMEN. A truly phenomenal product! After 2 weeks I felt like a newborn and the problems were over.


2 days ago

Joshua Wilson

Pain, burning, constantly going to the toilet. These were just some of the symptoms. I knew it would be worse so I decided to prevent it. Xylomen convinced me as it has a natural composition. The discomfort started to disappear just after 3 weeks of treatment, and I now have a healthy prostate.


3 days ago

Arthur Taylor

I was feeling great for a long time and I thought that prostate problems would never be my concern. I knew that there was something wrong when I realized one day that I was in the toilet three times within an hour. And I could only produce 2 drops or so... That's why I decided to try Xylomen. After 2 weeks my problems started to disappear. Now I can function normally.


3 days ago

Griffin Oscar

Frequent visits to the toilet at work did not look good, especially if you had to do this every 20 minutes. My colleagues started making fun of me. My partner said I should try using Xylomen and now I can't even imagine my day without it.


4 days ago

Ethan Davies

My problems started innocently. At first, I did not link my frequent visits to the toilet with prostate problems. But in time it began to get worse, that's why I decided to take Xylomen. After a week, the symptoms started to disappear.


5 days ago

Ethan Sharpe

My relationship suffered a lot because of my prostate problems. My sexual performance dropped significantly and we had sex only occasionally... in addition to this nightmare I was going to the toilet every 5 minutes .. Luckily, my wife was with me and she helped me find Xylomen. Today I am very happy with the results I have obtained.


6 days ago


Improving sexual performance

I want to try it out

Effects of Xylomen have been confirmed by tests!

The tests were carried out on a group of men experiencing prostate problems


Reduction in pain and burning sensation


Regulation of urination


Change in the size of the prostate

Certified quality

A completely natural product that meets all safety requirements. Effects confirmed by opinions.

1. What is Xylomen?
Xylomen is a supplement that supports the proper functions of the prostate.
2. Does Xylomen produce any side effects?
The supplement does not produce any side effects as it contains only natural ingredients. Stormcum has undergone multiple tests which it has passed with ease.
3. What is the recommended dosage of Xylomen?
Take 1 capsule with plenty of water.
4. How much can one pack of Xylomen do? 
One package is enough to start the treatment.
5. How many capsules are there in a pack of Xylomen?
One packet contains 30 Stormcum capsules.
6. How long will I wait for delivery?
The package should reach you within 24h.
7. May I pay for Xylomen on delivery?
Of course we provide this service: you may pay by bank transfer or on delivery.
8. Can it be ordered from abroad? 
Yes it can be ordered from abroad. 

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